Property Services Contractor # 50047

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry has mandated that all janitorial companies as well as any company supplying janitors to another must now be licensed in the state of Oregon as of April 1st. (This has been extended to July 1st)

Duties of persons using services of property services contractors
Prior to allowing work to begin on any contract or agreement with a property services contractor, the person to whom workers are to be provided or the person’s agent is required to do the following:

  • Examine the license or temporary permit of the labor contractor and identify the contractor providing the workers as the same individual whose photo appears on the license or temporary permit;


  • Retain a copy of the license or temporary permit provided by the labor contractor

ORS 658.437; OAR 839-015-0509.

ORS 658.465; OAR 839-015-0605 
Any person who knowingly uses the services of an unlicensed property services contractor is personally, jointly and severally liable with the person acting as an unlicensed contractor for any unpaid wages and other damages as provided by law, including costs and reasonable attorney fees in connection with any actions initiated to recover such amounts.

ORS 658.850; OAR 839-015-0508
In addition to liability for unpaid wages and other damages, persons using the services of an unlicensed labor contractor may be assessed civil penalties of up to $2,000 per violation.

Fortunately, Affordable Quality Maintenance is one of only a small percentage of  janitorial companies in the entire state that have met the state’s new licensing requirements.

Affordable Quality Maintenance maintains a 1,000,000 commercial general liability policy. Each new client is named as an additional insured and is provided with a COI.

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